Italy Travel Tips

Italy-Travel-Guide-Pisa-Leaning-TowerItaly has something for everyone and is a destination that takes many visits to fully appreciate. Travelers have been spellbound by it’s mountains, art, landscapes, people and food for many years. Below I will outline some important Italy travel tips you should know before going.

General Tips

  1. Many tourist attractions do not allow photography – particularly museums.
  2. It is considered rude to walk around towns in bikinis, beachwear, short shorts or skimpy outfits.
  3. American and European DVDs use different formats, so what works at home may not work in Italy. This is becoming less of a problem with the rise of Multi Region DVD’s.
  4. Returning or exchanging an item, even if it is flawed not common in Italian stores so make sure you check things thoroughly before you buy.
  5. Some stores will not allow you to try on shirts and blouses.
  6. Wheelchair access to restaurant bathrooms is rare, as are ramps and elevators in old buildings. Buses are also generally not wheelchair-compatible.
  7. Topless sunbathing is common on the northern and central Italian beaches, however it is not advised in the more conservative and traditional south.
  8. Hotels often don’t have pools or video games, while

Cruise Travel Tips

images (19)Are you planning on going on a cruise? Well if this is your very first time, you may not be very sure what to expect. Having a few tips to help you out can be very helpful to you. So, here are some important cruise travel tips to keep in mind when you go on a cruise.

Tip #1 – Have a Carry On Bag – The first one of cruise travel tips that you’ll need to remember if you’re going on a cruise is to make sure that you have a carry on bag. Once you get on the ship, you’ll want to visit your cabin but you can’t expect your baggage to show up for awhile. So, it’s a good idea to have a carry on that has some clothes and a few essential toiletries on hand.

Tip #2 – Get a Map of the Ship – Cruise ships are huge. You don’t want to get lost and a map can definitely be a huge help to you. Make sure you have the map and take a bit to look it over so that

Great Travel Tips and comfortable

download (20)So, heading towards a fun trip for coming vocations? No doubt, you deserve some fabulous weeks after giving hard time all the year. Travelling is assumed to be relaxing most of the times however, it happens less. You have to face hard luck that is for sure. It is good to learn travel tips so that you have a comfortable and joyful trip.

Travel Tip 1: Be Prepared for Customs

So finally you are going to check in and thinking of going through customs at earliest. Recognize the fact that you will have to spend unwanted time at customs. When you are tired and had too long hours in plane, it becomes more tedious for you. Dedicate your first day for these mess ups rather than making outdoor plans. Make your mind that it happens. Entertain yourself by playing music on your iPod while you are in customs waiting list and be calm.

Travel Tip 2: Do not Mess Up with Minor Things

Most of hikers crumble into small stuff and get nothing out of their trip because they think to be cheated by overcharging

Business Travel Tips

Use these business travel tips pointers to create and plan a stress-free business packing travel plan.


  • When you are putting together your clothes for business, experiment with one color instead of all your favorites. This makes it simple for you to combine and present an ideal business persona for your meetings. With a one color-scheme, you will not need to pack multiple pieces of clothing.
  • If you’d like to add a bit of color, you can include a colored shirt or scarf you like (maybe it is your favorite, or it gives you that ‘extra OOMPH’ that you need for self-confidence – or to compliment your look).

Tips on packing shoes: As much as shoes are something that some women say they can’t ‘live without,’ pack no more than two or three sets. Make certain you have a set of flats and only one set of high heels in your luggage. If you wear high heels all day and evening long, then during your company trip, when what you want (need) most is to shine, you may be experiencing painful leg and back discomfort.

In addition to sensible shoes, women who travel may want

How to Choose an Urban Scooter

The living conditions in the city influence the choice of transport we use. Against the background of the endless traffic congestion, crowding and lack of air buses and minibuses, the scooter has gained its popularity all over the world, especially in cities.

Reviews suggest that the most popular urban scooters are used for commuting and just walking through the streets. They are designed for driving on asphalt road and equipped with polyurethane wheels. An urban scooter has a small size and is suitable for driving on sidewalks and tile. The main advantages of these scooters are the ease, compactness, relatively low price.

How to Choose an Adult Urban Scooter

Before you choose an adult urban scooter, you should know much about it. Collapsible scooters are most often made of steel withstanding considerable weight, with reliable polyurethane wheels and a broad deck for the adult feet. They are always adjustable in height so that everyone can choose a comfortable position. An important condition is the safety, which depends on the quality material and high reliability of all connections.

To select the appropriate for the city, it’s necessary to pay attention to several parameters. Firstly,

Tips Traveling the World, And Make Money at the Same Time

How to Make Money While Travelling the World

The cost that comes with travelling is highly discouraging people to travel, but that shouldn’t be the case. By doing some simple things, you can actually make up for the expenses in travelling and help you on how to raise money for a trip. Follow some of the travel hack that we will be giving you and you will be making money while travelling.

How to Earn Money While Travelling

Car for Rent

When travelling most of us tend to park our car at the airport, what you do not know is there are applications in your mobile device that will allow you to rent your car straight from the airport. When you want to find ways to raise money for a trip, this is what you should be doing rather than letting your car sit at the parking area of the airport for an extensive period of time. Two of the most recommended car services would be Turo and Flight Car. You should be comfortable in renting your car as both companies are offering at least $1million insurance in case your car is rented.

How to Get Holiday Feels on a Home Budget

Is it just me or does your next holiday seem a loooonnnngggg way in the distance! Now I have heard of a species of humans who ACCRUE annual leave and are even FORCED to take holidays because they have TOO MANY?!?!?! But this is a very strange and foreign concept to me. I’ve always been either in the negative when it comes to annual leave or I can be found on extend unpaid leave. My motto has always been: life is too short to accrue leave!

But sometimes this mandate can place us avid adventurers in a bit of a conundrum. Yes there are years of our lives when we spend all our money gallivanting the globe but there are also, how do I put it… dry spells? You know the years when you undertake a renovation or perhaps you add to your brood or take some time off work and just don’t have the kind of cash flow required to jump on a plane to Europe.

I still think, life is too short to accrue annual leave and so we need to think and plan creatively! One of the biggest challenges of being grounded

Are Travel Agents Old School?

It appears you can’t stare at the TV for 60 minutes without seeing a notice with William Shatner discussing Travelocity or that senseless dwarf discussing Orbitz. These travel sites have been extremely effective at encouraging voyagers to book their own particular carrier and lodging reservations on the web. So with this colossal push from the web to assume control over the travel business, one needs to ask, “Are travel agents old school?”

In the event that you have searched for some of these travel web sites, you have watched that they are stunning in the assorted qualities of travel choices that they make accessible. As a business traveler, be that as it may, your requirements are fairly unique in relation to the run of the mill aircraft traveler.

There are some certain administrations and genuine help that a living and breathing travel agent can give that basically can’t be duplicated by a computerized site like Travelocity or Orbitz. Some of those administrations that a prepared business traveler would be unable to live without having…

A Travel Agent will give you…

– Focus. You as a business traveler are not orchestrating this excursion for

How To See Shows In New York On A Budget

Planning a trip to New York City soon? Do you want to attend some Broadway performances and still remain on a budget? Here are some great tips to get you into New York City where you can see some plays without spending a fortune.

Getting To New York City

Trying to decide which airport to choose to fly into? Instead of flying directly into New York City, consider flying to Newark, New Jersey, instead. Why? The NJ Transit train will take you directly from the Newark Airport to Penn Station in New York City in 30 minutes for $13.00 one way. This is much cheaper and quicker than trying to take a cab from one of the New York airports to downtown Manhattan.

Exit the train at Penn Station in New York City. While you’re at the station, purchase the 7-day unlimited metrocard. The card is $31.00 and can be used to get you around the city for 7 days of your stay. This will come in handy as you’re planning your sightseeing itinerary.

Head Over To Times Square

As you leave Penn Station, head over to Times Square and take a

Why Traveling Makes Us More Creative

Traveling is a wonderful hobby for millions of people across the globe. This also provides various advantages to people. Here’s why traveling is important. The ability to move around from one place to the other place is the main virtue one can ever have. All humans and animals have been secured with this ability, but humans are always a step forward. We humans being, have an extraordinary virtue of seeing, experiencing and learning from it, and this is exactly what makes our traveling more satisfying and enriching.

A person who went on a long-distance journey returned home after some years. Till then, his family had either no or very little information regarding his situation and well-being. In some thrilling cases, a person would never return. In despite of all these barriers and difficulties, people traveled; not always because they needed to, but many times, also because they loved to. And why not? Traveling not only takes us to distant lands and explains us with various people, but this also removes the dullness of our lives.

This is certainly very unlucky that some people feel traveling is a sheer waste of time, energy and money. Some

How To Get The Most From Your Gorilla Trek

Gorillas are some of the most interesting animals you can choose to observe, learn about and enjoy. It is therefore not a wonder that gorilla trekking and safaris are very popular. There are so many nations and areas that you can enjoy these incredible treks and Uganda makes one of the best areas that you can choose to enjoy a gorilla safari. But just like any other, safari, you must be well prepared when going for the trek. The choices you make can determine how rewarding the gorilla trek proves to be in the end.

Cover yourself properly

Remember that on the trek you will be walking on small trails and sometimes no trails at all. This means you need to choose the right clothing and footwear to keep you protected from thorns, nettles, pesky mosquitoes and branches. Consider wearing gaiters, long pants and socks to keep bugs at bay and gloves to protect from thorny branches and stinging nettles. Rubber boots are good choices and you can choose long sleeved shirts, jackets and sweaters.

Prepare for the trek

The treks can take hours to complete and depending on the terrain that you

How to Make camping Your Own

Let’s be honest here; when it comes to camping, there is a really good chance you are going to get very dirty. I mean you are sleeping, eating, and living outside, so clearly it’s bound to happen. That said, the idea of being able to take a shower and clean up, probably sounds like a wonderful concept. The deal is, however, not every camping experience offers the amenity of running water let alone showers. That’s why having a portable shower during your trip is a true blessing.

Now, you can certainly buy a shower or you can decide to make your own homemade version. In this article we will address the latter. Making your own shower can be fun and save you some money along the way.

Here Is What You Will Need…

As far as materials are concerned, you will need to get the following:

1. Nine pieces of 1′ long ¾” diameter PVC pipe.

2. Five pieces of 5′ long ¾” diameter PVC pipe.

3. 8 Three way ¾” connectors.

4. A drill.

5. Garden Hose.

6. Bucket.

7. A 4′ X 6′ plastic tarp.

Camping Tips for Novices

For those people who live in the cities, suburbs are always much-to-be-longed-for. Amazing scenery, fresh air, an interesting pastime, or a nice company, all this can give you a trip. But if you’re going camping for the first time, you will have to prepare for it seriously.

Looking for an Experienced Company

Above all, you need an experienced company. Such a person can warn you of potential dangers, help you to determine the list of necessary things, and the most important, show you all the beauty of nature. An experienced company, you can find among your friends, acquaintances or search the announcement of believable campaign organization on the Internet.

Learning from Experienced Campers

Of course, you cannot always rely on anyone but yourself. You are able to visit some experienced campers or camping enthusiasts among your acquaintances and learn from them but not just follow them. Not a way is suitable for all persons. Or you can get some campaign sharing from the Internet. And you need to know clearly about your camping site and the weather. All these information you can get from the Internet.

Collecting the Backpack

Depending on

Tips Make Your Flight Comfortable

Worried about taking that long distance flight? Here are a few tips on how to making your long flight relaxed. Whether this is for business, pleasure or going back home after a holiday, a long haul flight can put a discouragement on your travel plans. The complete idea of traveling for different hours at a given can be annoying. Even common air travelers who are continually on the move are not resistant to the negative effects of long distance flights, the worst being jet lag. Flying across the Pacific and Atlantic with long haul flights can be really annoying for most, since a famous of travelers fly economy. The hours seem to give endlessly and the seats seem doubly confined, limbs and neck may start to feel rigid. You are just about to catch some hours of disturbed sleep, when rapidly to your humiliation, the cabin lights come on, proclaiming that meals will be served shortly. So to make your time more pleasant and the travel more relaxed, follow the tips given below.

How to Make a Long Flight Comfortable

1: Selecting your seats

Today, almost all long haul flights provide the facility to

Tips to Be Fresh After a Long Haul Flight

The famous quote goes “The journey to the destination is more important than the destination itself.” However, the truth is we often get tired during the journey and miss out on the fun at the destination. So here I bring to you 5 tips which would keep you fresh after a long haul flight or a red-eye flight.

Tip#1: Stay Hydrated

Have you seen the flight attendants? They remain fresh from the start till end. This tip is their secret. Drink at least 3 liters of water for an 8-hour long flight journey. So, do your math and get the number of liters you have to drink.

Tip#2: Get your Own Essential Oils

Essential oils like lavender have calming properties. A few drops of them on your wrists, forehead, and neck can help you get a relaxed sleep on the plane. Essential oils calm the nervous system and make you feel light headed. Essential oil like eucalyptus oil, on the other hand, can be used to invigorate you after landing.

Tip#3: Moisturize your Skin

Skin becomes dry on a flight due to the extreme cooling and air pressure changes. You should

Helpful Tips To Use The Flight Wi-Fi

The provision of in-flight Wi-Fi has completely changed the way we used to fly. It has managed to create friendlier skies. When you land somewhere new, the first thing most of us look forward to is getting access to the internet. The airlines have realized this. That is why the limited connectivity in the skies is not a problem for the travelers. Although not all the airlines have succeeded at providing internet facilities currently, the chances are that most of them will join this race. The Wi-Fi available in-flight is considered to be costly by many. If you wish to make the most out of it, here are some helpful tips for you!

1. Do the Airline Search

One of the most important things to consider is that the in-flight Wi-Fi is still not a service that you could take for granted. That is because not all airlines provide this service as yet. Even the ones that are offering internet facilities are doing it differently, using several service providers. If you are a business traveler or even a leisure one who needs to use internet in-flight, it is best that you do your research in

Safety Tips While Travelling for Outback Tours

Going out for an outdoor tour often has several aspects to it where most people prefer planning beforehand. The planning includes hotel accommodations, passes to local attractions, booking for local transportation, etc. Apart from that, it involves carrying along necessary requirements such as clothing, medication, guide maps and several other things that may come to use while outdoors. Outback tours are one such outdoor tour that most of us dream of. You not only get to relish delicacies but also get glimpses of the flora and fauna along with the scenic beauty.

If you are being a part of the tours for the first time, it is essential for you to follow a few rules that would help you to have the best experience and thus making you look at things differently.

• Own helpful maps of the places you intend to visit – If it is a land that you have never visited before, the only saviour to help you through would be these route maps. They not only help you with the routes to your destination but often have other details such as the local attractions and how you can get the most

China Travel Services

Fuelled by interesting travel services, international travellers to China are increasingly opting for unique experiential vacations. In fact, more and more people are buying customized travel packages, whether it is a leisurely river cruise, a historic tour, martial arts experience, or exploring the Silk Route. With more and more people becoming travel savvy, the traveller now demands specialists and not generalists.

To meet the demands of the travel-savvy generation, several China travel services are making an effort to entice them with experiential tailor-made packages. For example, the “14-day Journey to the Home of Martial Arts” is an inexpensive travel service for martial arts aficionados. The travel service includes round-trip air transportation from the U.S.; intra-China air and land transportation transfers; China airport departure taxes; 12-night hotel accommodations with daily buffet breakfasts; escorted sightseeing tours; Tang Dynasty show; Shanghai Acrobatic show; and round-trip transfers between airport and hotels; hotel taxes and service charges in each city.

Books written by Stein, Hedin, and others have generated interest in the oriental mystery of the Silk Route, and a number of international travellers are keen to visit these places. Travel services are capitalalizing on the benefits of the country’s

Top Places to Visit With a School Travel Service

We live in privileged times. Often we do not need to ask, “Can I travel?” – instead, we can ask, “Where shall I travel?” The fact that the dilemma of too many options has fallen upon us is a gift that should not be wasted. This privilege also extends to many students. Nowadays, the world is open to a huge range of educational excursions if you select a good school travel service. So, in order not to waste these wonderful opportunities, where should you take young learners to gain the most benefit?


Some places simply cannot fail to be on the must-see list. Spain is certainly one of these. Countless tourists visit this nation to indulge in its blessing of Mediterranean sunshine. But the nation is also tailormade for an educational excursion with a good school travel service. From Madrid to Barcelona, Lanzarote to Andalucía, Spain is brimming with diverse landscapes, climates and cultural highlights. From tasting tapas in the classic squares of Madrid, to walking along the crisp beaches of Barcelona, or to feeling the grass crackle under your feet on the gentle Andalucian hills, Spain invites students to safely explore a multifaceted

Invest Cheap And Succeed As a Travel Service Specialist

Do you love to travel and help others? How about starting a travel related business or more specifically, a business as a travel expert? The travel industry is one business that is always working. Even in economically challenging stages, it pushes on like the little train that could.

A good business model is to sell something that people will always want. Even better is to sell what they need such as food, but this market is far more saturated. So let us focus on giving people what they want. Although, many would argue that travel is not just a desire, but also a necessity. This is true if you consider people that are traveling for their business.

In either case, it supports that fact that starting a travel service business is a sound decision. So set up shop and take advantage of the 1.3 trillion spent on tourism each year. As a travel expert, you have a plethora of services that you can offer a client. In addition to selling tickets about various forms of transportation (planes, trains, automobiles and really big boats) you can also offer advice on the who, what, when, where and